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Added a warning comment to SDL_putenv().

"Fixes" Bugzilla #779.
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icculus committed Dec 15, 2009
1 parent 091165c commit b3e4cd04262a56607366e3973ad9b5a2201144ea
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  1. +10 −0 include/SDL_stdinc.h
@@ -267,6 +267,16 @@ char *alloca();
extern DECLSPEC char *SDLCALL SDL_getenv(const char *name);

* \warning On some platforms, the string you pass to SDL_putenv() becomes
* part of the environment table will use this specific
* buffer, and not a copy of it! This means you can't free it, and
* other pieces of code may try to write to it. In practice, this
* isn't a big deal, but be aware of the possibility.
* However, due to this issue, you should be prepared to
* pass a (char*), or be willing to cast away the constness of your
* string for this call.
#define SDL_putenv putenv

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