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Note about hardware mouse cursor has been added.

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README.QNX by Mike Gorchak <>, <>
Last changed at 23 Mar 2009.
Last changed at 10 Jun 2009.

QNX Photon and GF drivers are being constructed.
QNX Photon and GF drivers are being constructed, OpenGL ES support is
finished. Still no 2D renderer support in GF and Photon drivers.
QNX QSA (QNX Sound Architecture) driver is ready.
QNX CDROM driver is ready.
QNX HID input driver is being constructed.
QNX HID input driver is finished.

-- SDL QSA driver --
@@ -96,6 +97,8 @@ doublescan low-resolution video modes. So modes below 640x480 are not
supported. If your video driver supports low-resolution video modes, please
add SDL_GF_LOWRESOLUTION flag to the gf_devicename array in the SDL_qnxgf.c
source file.
c) Since GF framework supports hardware mouse cursor only, you'll get
hardware mouse cursor in case of specific graphics driver supports it.

-- SDL Photon driver --

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