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Removed custom code that fixed Game Center notifications non-display,…

… in favor of an official fix (done via UIKit_ShowWindow).
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DavidLudwig committed Sep 1, 2012
1 parent 347f87c commit c5e299a83ec2e0ca99d0cf55ff5f872ca666b3d8
Showing with 0 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +0 −3 src/video/uikit/SDL_uikitwindow.m
@@ -200,9 +200,6 @@ static int SetupWindowData(_THIS, SDL_Window *window, UIWindow *uiwindow, SDL_bo
[uiwindow setScreen:data->uiscreen];

// Make sure the native window gets displayed.
[uiwindow makeKeyAndVisible];

if (SetupWindowData(_this, window, uiwindow, SDL_TRUE) < 0) {
[uiwindow release];
return -1;

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