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Implemented OpenGL support on Mac OS X

The OpenGL renderer works without changes, yay! :)
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slouken committed Jul 25, 2006
1 parent a570316 commit dafecf2a1b64ef5ab9f983cc217e03c8fa40d3f2

File 4 of 16 in dafecf2

@@ -232,8 +232,6 @@ struct SDL_VideoDevice
int (*GL_LoadLibrary) (_THIS, const char *path);
void *(*GL_GetProcAddress) (_THIS, const char *proc);
int (*GL_GetWindowAttribute) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window,
SDL_GLattr attrib, int *value);
SDL_GLContext(*GL_CreateContext) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window);
int (*GL_MakeCurrent) (_THIS, SDL_Window * window, SDL_GLContext context);
int (*GL_SetSwapInterval) (_THIS, int interval);

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