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If any assert in SetUp function fails that test will be skipped.

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mkauppila committed Jul 11, 2011
1 parent f089d2a commit dd3d8891b23c1ff2de880a4605f89a77d480753f

File 4 of 11 in dd3d889

@@ -54,13 +54,14 @@ PlainRunStarted(int parameterCount, char *runnerParameters[], time_t eventTime,

PlainRunEnded(int testCount, int suiteCount, int testPassCount, int testFailCount,
time_t endTime, double totalRuntime)
int testSkippedCount, time_t endTime, double totalRuntime)
Output(indentLevel, "Ran %d tests in %0.5f seconds from %d suites.",
testCount, totalRuntime, suiteCount);

Output(indentLevel, "%d tests passed", testPassCount);
Output(indentLevel, "%d tests failed", testFailCount);
Output(indentLevel, "%d tests skipped", testSkippedCount);

@@ -91,6 +92,9 @@ PlainTestEnded(const char *testName, const char *suiteName,
if(testResult) {
if(testResult == 2) {
Output(--indentLevel, "%s: failed -> no assert", testName);
else if(testResult == 3) {
Output(--indentLevel, "%s: skipped", testName);
} else {
Output(--indentLevel, "%s: failed", testName);
@@ -104,15 +108,15 @@ PlainAssert(const char *assertName, int assertResult, const char *assertMessage,
time_t eventTime)
const char *result = (assertResult) ? "passed" : "failed";
Output(indentLevel, "%s: %s; %s", assertName, result, assertMessage);
Output(indentLevel, "%s: %s - %s", assertName, result, assertMessage);

PlainAssertWithValues(const char *assertName, int assertResult, const char *assertMessage,
int actualValue, int expected, time_t eventTime)
const char *result = (assertResult) ? "passed" : "failed";
Output(indentLevel, "%s %s (expected %d, actualValue &d): %s",
Output(indentLevel, "%s: %s (expected %d, actualValue &d) - %s",
assertName, result, expected, actualValue, assertMessage);

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