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slouken committed Feb 9, 2009
1 parent 7078fb2 commit dd99f337b7dd4410fb5b1a5c2411032d172641fb
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@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@

/* Definitions for platform dependent windowing functions to test SDL
integration with native windows

#include "SDL.h"

/* This header includes all the necessary system headers for native windows */
#include "SDL_syswm.h"

typedef struct
const char *tag;
void *(*CreateWindow) (int w, int h);
void (*DestroyWindow) (void *window);
} NativeWindowFactory;

extern NativeWindowFactory Win32WindowFactory;

#define TEST_NATIVE_X11
extern NativeWindowFactory X11WindowFactory;

/* Actually, we don't really do this, since it involves adding Objective C
support to the build system, which is a little tricky. You can uncomment
it manually though and link testnativecocoa.m into the test application.
#if 1
extern NativeWindowFactory CocoaWindowFactory;

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