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Don't remove the pseudo-generated headers because this command might …

…be run from the repo directory and it confuses people, especially if they have no way of regenerating SDL_revision.h :)
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slouken committed Feb 18, 2011
1 parent 114ca5a commit de3379d725d0da497013dab932f394f0655db8e6
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@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ clean:
if test -f test/Makefile; then (cd test; $(MAKE) $@); fi

distclean: clean
rm -f Makefile include/SDL_config.h include/SDL_revision.h sdl-config
rm -f Makefile sdl-config
rm -f SDL.qpg
rm -f config.status config.cache config.log libtool
rm -rf $(srcdir)/autom4te*

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