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Icons with translucency are implemented
Reminder to finish off multi-display support
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slouken committed Jan 3, 2009
1 parent 80bcf41 commit e2690da1ac9e551f3946d093acecf1a7d97850e6
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* Implement YUV texture support
- in progress, software support is done, Ryan is working on OpenGL shaders
* Implement desktop video mode change notification?
* Implement icon support (with translucency?)
* Add diagonal line clipping to SDL_IntersectRectAndLine()
* Add OpenGL 3.0 context support
* Finish multiple display support
* Open windows on display that is selected when creating a window
* Verify mouse grab support
* Properly handle mouse grab with Vista DPI scaling
* Make sure the mouse is where it's supposed to be when un-grabbed

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