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There's no need to keep these private. If you extend SDLActivity, you…

… should know what you're doing.
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slouken committed May 16, 2013
1 parent 094da7c commit e59488ecab8d088201821fd49feaf966a5195dc3
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  1. +14 −14 android-project/src/org/libsdl/app/
@@ -30,24 +30,24 @@
public static boolean mIsPaused = false;

// Main components
private static SDLActivity mSingleton;
private static SDLSurface mSurface;
private static View mTextEdit;
private static ViewGroup mLayout;
protected static SDLActivity mSingleton;
protected static SDLSurface mSurface;
protected static View mTextEdit;
protected static ViewGroup mLayout;

// This is what SDL runs in. It invokes SDL_main(), eventually
private static Thread mSDLThread;
protected static Thread mSDLThread;

// Audio
private static Thread mAudioThread;
private static AudioTrack mAudioTrack;
protected static Thread mAudioThread;
protected static AudioTrack mAudioTrack;

// EGL private objects
private static EGLContext mEGLContext;
private static EGLSurface mEGLSurface;
private static EGLDisplay mEGLDisplay;
private static EGLConfig mEGLConfig;
private static int mGLMajor, mGLMinor;
protected static EGLContext mEGLContext;
protected static EGLSurface mEGLSurface;
protected static EGLDisplay mEGLDisplay;
protected static EGLConfig mEGLConfig;
protected static int mGLMajor, mGLMinor;

// Load the .so
static {
@@ -493,10 +493,10 @@ public void run() {
View.OnKeyListener, View.OnTouchListener, SensorEventListener {

// Sensors
private static SensorManager mSensorManager;
protected static SensorManager mSensorManager;

// Keep track of the surface size to normalize touch events
private static float mWidth, mHeight;
protected static float mWidth, mHeight;

// Startup
public SDLSurface(Context context) {

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