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Mac: Fix a crash when SDL is compiled with SDL_MAC_NO_SANDBOX enabled…

…, by increasing the stack size of the mouse tap thread back to OS X' default of 512 KB.
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slime73 committed May 21, 2016
1 parent 4a46873 commit 0a4085a048ab896ea834bc72090b0545dd1c7fda

File 1 of 3 in 0a4085a

@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
char *text;

pasteboard = [NSPasteboard generalPasteboard];
available = [pasteboard availableTypeFromArray: [NSArray arrayWithObject:format]];
available = [pasteboard availableTypeFromArray:[NSArray arrayWithObject:format]];
if ([available isEqualToString:format]) {
NSString* string;
const char *utf8;

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