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Fixed rendering-alignment issues on WinPhone 8.1, when the device was…

… rotated

If a Windows Phone 8.1 device was rotated to anything but Portrait mode,
the Direct3D 11 renderer's output wouldn't get aligned correctly with the
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DavidLudwig committed May 10, 2014
1 parent 33f81a0 commit 0a879d63bddc6d58bbeb7bf7d377f9d36b335a01

File 4 of 4 in 0a879d6

@@ -70,6 +70,13 @@ typedef struct

#ifdef __cplusplus_winrt

/* A convenience macro to get a WinRT display property */
#define WINRT_DISPLAY_PROPERTY(NAME) (Windows::Graphics::Display::DisplayInformation::GetForCurrentView()->NAME)
#define WINRT_DISPLAY_PROPERTY(NAME) (Windows::Graphics::Display::DisplayProperties::NAME)

/* Internal window data */
struct SDL_WindowData

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