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Fixed outdated information in README for test programs.

Two programs were removed some time ago and one was renamed.
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philippwiesemann committed Dec 7, 2015
1 parent 0dc4372 commit 11c13916dd47daaa73582d6df239dc2abdce3b43
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@@ -5,23 +5,21 @@ These are test programs for the SDL library:
loopwave Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file
loopwavequeue Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file with SDL_QueueAudio
testaudioinfo Lists audio device capabilities
testcdrom Sample audio CD control program
testerror Tests multi-threaded error handling
testfile Tests RWops layer
testgl2 A very simple example of using OpenGL with SDL
testhread Hacked up test of multi-threading
testiconv Tests international string conversion
testjoystick List joysticks and watch joystick events
testkeys List the available keyboard keys
testloadso Tests the loadable library layer
testlock Hacked up test of multi-threading and locking
testmultiaudio Tests using several audio devices
testoverlay2 Tests the overlay flickering/scaling during playback.
testpalette Tests palette color cycling
testplatform Tests types, endianness and cpu capabilities
testsem Tests SDL's semaphore implementation
testshape Tests shaped windows
testsprite2 Example of fast sprite movement on the screen
testthread Hacked up test of multi-threading
testtimer Test the timer facilities
testver Check the version and dynamic loading and endianness
testwm2 Test window manager -- title, icon, events

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