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WinRT: added Win10/UWP (Universal Windows Platform) support

"UWP" appears to be Microsoft's new name for WinRT/Windows-Store APIs.

This set of changes updates SDL's WinRT backends to support the Win10 flavor
of WinRT.  It has been tested on Win10 on a desktop.  In theory, it should
also support Win10 on other devices (phone, Xbox One, etc.), however further
patches may be necessary.

This adds:
- a set of MSVC 2015 project files, for use in creating UWP apps
- modifications to various pieces of SDL, in order to compile via MSVC 2015 +
  the Win10 API set
- enables SDL_Window resizing and programmatic-fullscreen toggling, when using
  the WinRT backend
- WinRT README updates
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DavidLudwig committed Nov 30, 2015
1 parent fa2d5ab commit 25abce513d2767b0545d5b16dfc2e9a214ed738d

File 12 of 12 in 25abce5

@@ -75,9 +75,9 @@ extern "C" Uint32 WINRT_DetectWindowFlags(SDL_Window * window); /* detects flag
#define WINRT_DISPLAY_PROPERTY(NAME) (Windows::Graphics::Display::DisplayProperties::NAME)

/* Converts DIPS to physical pixels */
#define WINRT_DIPS_TO_PHYSICAL_PIXELS(DIPS) ((int)(0.5f + (((float)(DIPS) * (float)WINRT_DISPLAY_PROPERTY(LogicalDpi)) / 96.f)))

/* Converts DIPS to/from physical pixels */
#define WINRT_DIPS_TO_PHYSICAL_PIXELS(DIPS) ((int)(0.5f + (((float)(DIPS) * (float)WINRT_DISPLAY_PROPERTY(LogicalDpi)) / 96.f)))

/* Internal window data */
struct SDL_WindowData

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