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Fixed build warning when using mingw-64 - the SDL code doesn't have a…

…ny undefined symbols
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slouken committed Mar 21, 2020
1 parent 891bd82 commit 269f8215b0d9184689a040a652000b60e4358f94
Showing with 1 addition and 8 deletions.
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@@ -5099,14 +5099,7 @@ func_mode_link ()
# we shouldn't force the makefile maintainer to figure out
# which system we are compiling for in order to pass an extra
# flag for every libtool invocation.
# allow_undefined=no

# FIXME: Unfortunately, there are problems with the above when trying
# to make a dll which has undefined symbols, in which case not
# even a static library is built. For now, we need to specify
# -no-undefined on the libtool link line when we can be certain
# that all symbols are satisfied, otherwise we get a static library.

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