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Remove "lib" prefix from DLL file on MinGW builds

closes bug #4209.
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Wohlstand committed Jun 29, 2018
1 parent c3178e6 commit 3a11bba267ba54eb2cbfe2591271693707f9b1e3
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  1. +6 −0 CMakeLists.txt
@@ -210,6 +210,12 @@ endif()
set(SDL_LIBS "-lSDL2")
set(SDL_CFLAGS "")

# When building shared lib for Windows with MinGW,
# avoid the DLL having a "lib" prefix

# Emscripten toolchain has a nonempty default value for this, and the checks
# in this file need to change that, so remember the original value, and
# restore back to that afterwards. For check_function_exists() to work in

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