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WinRT: cleaned up the opening section of the README

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DavidLudwig committed Sep 19, 2014
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SDL/WinRT layer allows SDL2-based applications to run on many of Microsoft's
platforms that utilize the "Windows Runtime" (aka "WinRT") APIs. WinRT apps
are currently always full-screen apps, run in what Microsoft calls their
"Modern" environment (aka. "Metro"), and are distributed via Microsoft-run
online stores. Some of the operating systems that support such apps include:
This port allows SDL applications to run on Microsoft's platforms that require
use of "Windows Runtime", aka. "WinRT", APIs. WinRT apps are currently
full-screen only, and run in what Microsoft sometimes refers to as their
"Modern" (formerly, "Metro"), environment. For Windows 8.x, Microsoft may also
refer to them as "Windows Store" apps, due to them being distributed,
primarily, via a Microsoft-run online store (of the same name).

Some of the operating systems that include WinRT, are:

* Windows 8.x
* Windows RT 8.x (aka. Windows 8.x for ARM processors)
* Windows Phone 8.x

To note, WinRT applications that run on Windows 8.x and/or Windows RT are often
called "Windows Store" apps.


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