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Changed SDL_GetAbsoluteMouseState() to SDL_GetGlobalMouseState().

This matches naming conventions in the main repository, between
 SDL_GetRelativeMouseState() and SDL_WarpMouseGlobal().
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icculus committed Jun 25, 2014
1 parent 2cce7b2 commit 8436956711fcee834b0c5b673568332745f525d4

File 2 of 9 in 8436956

@@ -581,4 +581,4 @@
#define SDL_WinRTRunApp SDL_WinRTRunApp_REAL
#define SDL_CaptureMouse SDL_CaptureMouse_REAL
#define SDL_SetWindowHitTest SDL_SetWindowHitTest_REAL
#define SDL_GetAbsoluteMouseState SDL_GetAbsoluteMouseState_REAL
#define SDL_GetGlobalMouseState SDL_GetGlobalMouseState_REAL

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