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WinRT: README tweaks

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DavidLudwig committed Apr 18, 2016
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@@ -2,11 +2,8 @@ WinRT

This port allows SDL applications to run on Microsoft's platforms that require
use of "Windows Runtime", aka. "WinRT", APIs. WinRT apps are currently
full-screen only, and run in what Microsoft sometimes refers to as their
"Modern" (formerly, "Metro"), environment. For Windows 8.x, Microsoft may also
refer to them as "Windows Store" apps, due to them being distributed,
primarily, via a Microsoft-run online store (of the same name).
use of "Windows Runtime", aka. "WinRT", APIs. Microsoft may, in some cases,
refer to them as either "Windows Store", or for Windows 10, UWP apps.

Some of the operating systems that include WinRT, are:

@@ -82,7 +79,9 @@ Here is a rough list of what works, and what doens't:

* What partially works:
* keyboard input. Most of WinRT's documented virtual keys are supported, as
well as many keys with documented hardware scancodes.
well as many keys with documented hardware scancodes. Converting
SDL_Scancodes to or from SDL_Keycodes may not work, due to missing APIs
(MapVirualKey()) in Microsoft's Windows Store / UWP APIs.
* SDLmain. WinRT uses a different signature for each app's main() function.
SDL-based apps that use this port must compile in SDL_winrt_main_NonXAML.cpp
(in `SDL\src\main\winrt\`) directly in order for their C-style main()

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