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Fixed dynamic loading of NAS in CMake project.

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icculus committed Jan 21, 2014
1 parent cf9828a commit beee1c442417f87e296bfc76d12b71b69948c7bd
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@@ -213,6 +213,7 @@ dep_option(PULSEAUDIO_SHARED "Dynamically load PulseAudio support" ON "PULSEAU
set_option(ARTS "Support the Analog Real Time Synthesizer" ${UNIX_SYS})
dep_option(ARTS_SHARED "Dynamically load aRts audio support" ON "ARTS" OFF)
set_option(NAS "Support the NAS audio API" ${UNIX_SYS})
set_option(NAS_SHARED "Dynamically load NAS audio API" ${UNIX_SYS})
set_option(SNDIO "Support the sndio audio API" ${UNIX_SYS})
set_option(RPATH "Use an rpath when linking SDL" ${UNIX_SYS})
set_option(CLOCK_GETTIME "Use clock_gettime() instead of gettimeofday()" OFF)

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