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Fixed documentation of SDL_DropEvent in header file.

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philippwiesemann committed Jul 31, 2015
1 parent d79bfa0 commit c509e798d7506f1313254b6287e514bea6148b10
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  1. +2 −2 include/SDL_events.h
@@ -453,8 +453,8 @@ typedef struct SDL_DollarGestureEvent

* \brief An event used to request a file open by the system (event.drop.*)
* This event is disabled by default, you can enable it with SDL_EventState()
* \note If you enable this event, you must free the filename in the event.
* This event is enabled by default, you can disable it with SDL_EventState().
* \note If this event is enabled, you must free the filename in the event.
typedef struct SDL_DropEvent

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