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threads: Move SDL's own thread creation to a new internal API.

This allows us to set an explicit stack size (overriding the system default
and the global hint an app might have set), and remove all the macro salsa
for dealing with _beginthreadex and such, as internal threads always set those
to NULL anyhow.

I've taken some guesses on reasonable (and tiny!) stack sizes for our
internal threads, but some of these might turn out to be too small in
practice and need an increase. Most of them are simple functions, though.
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icculus committed Apr 12, 2016
1 parent 7ae2951 commit c61675dc5ddf0f91f9e475ae016dfc0fe8b8b0f9

File 8 of 13 in c61675d

@@ -423,6 +423,16 @@ SDL_CreateThread(int (SDLCALL * fn) (void *),

SDL_Thread *
SDL_CreateThreadInternal(int (SDLCALL * fn) (void *), const char *name,
const size_t stacksize, void *data) {
return SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize(fn, name, stacksize, data, NULL, NULL);
return SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize(fn, name, stacksize, data);

SDL_GetThreadID(SDL_Thread * thread)

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