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Fixed bug 3662 - Error message when using the audio conversion setup …

…without an initialized audio subsystem is a bit vague

Simon Hug

This issue actually raises the question if this API change (requirement of initialized audio subsystem) is breaking backwards compatibility. I don't see the documentation saying it is needed in 2.0.5.
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slouken committed Aug 29, 2017
1 parent b128e88 commit d619d88560a6dbd329bfdf8cb7d6ab75d07dd8c2

File 2 of 4 in d619d88

@@ -54,7 +54,10 @@ extern SDL_AudioFormat SDL_NextAudioFormat(void);
/* Function to calculate the size and silence for a SDL_AudioSpec */
extern void SDL_CalculateAudioSpec(SDL_AudioSpec * spec);

/* These pointers get set during init to various SIMD implementations. */
/* Choose the audio filter functions below */
extern void SDL_ChooseAudioConverters(void);

/* These pointers get set during SDL_ChooseAudioConverters() to various SIMD implementations. */
extern SDL_AudioFilter SDL_Convert_S8_to_F32;
extern SDL_AudioFilter SDL_Convert_U8_to_F32;
extern SDL_AudioFilter SDL_Convert_S16_to_F32;

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