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Updated the project for release.
Switched to @rpath for the install path and switched minimum OS to 10.5
Used otool -L /usr/local/lib/libSDL_net-1.2.0.dylib to figure out what the library versions should be.
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slouken committed Jan 3, 2012
1 parent 81d34e0 commit a0a00408c3911bae67f6625d847392a2eb019ddb
Showing 4 changed files with 79 additions and 222 deletions.
@@ -1,4 +1,6 @@
Sam Lantinga - Tue Jan 3 01:36:33 EST 2012
* The Mac OS X framework name changed to SDLnet, to meet Apple's requirements
Sam Lantinga - Sat Dec 31 10:28:12 EST 2011
* SDL_net is now under the zlib license
Sam Lantinga - Sun Nov 20 01:29:33 EST 2011
@@ -5,23 +5,23 @@
<string>Simple DirectMedia Layer</string>
<string>Simple DirectMedia Layer Network Library</string>

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