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libstatgrab README
libstatgrab is a library for accessing information from the system
for statistical purposes. It could be used for software that monitors
the system for alerting or graphing purposes.
The library part of libstatgrab is licensed under the GNU LGPL, but
the tools and examples are licensed under the GNU GPL.
Building and Installation
After downloading and extracting libstatgrab, configure and build as
Then install as root;
make install
There are, of course, the usual GNU-style configure options;
For detailed documentation on the generic installation process, please
read the INSTALL document.
Enhancements of the general configuration process can be seen in the
sections "Optional Features" and "Optional Packages" of the output of
./configure --help
Library RPATH issues on Linux
You may find on Linux that after installation the utilities don't know
where to find the libstatgrab library. This is because RPATH is only
set when the installation prefix is not in /etc/
After installing libstatgrab to a prefix in /etc/ make sure
to run ldconfig so that the /etc/ file is updated. This
ensures that the runtime linker can find the library.
If in doubt, just run ldconfig after installation.
While libstatgrab will run without additional prerequisites, there are
several options to improve it.
* Having a recent (1.1.0+) version of log4cplus will enable tracing
functionalities. log4cplus can be found on its homepage here;
Note that libstatgrab doesn't enable its logging automatically,
the using applications must do it.
* Manpages can be built automatically when docbook2x is installed.
* On Linux it might be necessary to install the ncurses-dev (or
equivalent) package to build saidar.
Platform Specific Notes
Please see the PLATFORMS file for supported platforms and specific
notes on using libstatgrab on those platforms.
Notes for packagers - parallel installation
If you're packaging libstatgrab for an operating system distribution
you may hit the problem that you need both a 0.90+ API version of
libstatgrab installed and an older version. Some applications have not
yet been updated to use the newer API.
We've decided at the moment not to make any changes to libstatgrab to
allow parallel installation of multiple versions. You can see our
discussion on that at the page below, including how the problem has
been worked around on one operating system.
We're not sure how big this problem actually is, so please let us know
if you're hitting it. This may make us reconsider our position.
If you have any problems or find a bug, please let us know.
Thank you for using libstatgrab.