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\item mp\_add, \hyperpage{23}
\item mp\_and, \hyperpage{23}
\item mp\_clear, \hyperpage{7}
\item mp\_clear\_multi, \hyperpage{8}
\item mp\_cmp, \hyperpage{18}
\item mp\_cmp\_d, \hyperpage{20}
\item mp\_cmp\_mag, \hyperpage{17}
\item mp\_div, \hyperpage{29}
\item mp\_div\_2, \hyperpage{21}
\item mp\_div\_2d, \hyperpage{22}
\item MP\_EQ, \hyperpage{17}
\item mp\_error\_to\_string, \hyperpage{6}
\item mp\_expt\_d, \hyperpage{31}
\item mp\_exptmod, \hyperpage{31}
\item mp\_exteuclid, \hyperpage{39}
\item mp\_gcd, \hyperpage{39}
\item mp\_grow, \hyperpage{12}
\item MP\_GT, \hyperpage{17}
\item mp\_init, \hyperpage{7}
\item mp\_init\_copy, \hyperpage{9}
\item mp\_init\_multi, \hyperpage{8}
\item mp\_init\_size, \hyperpage{10}
\item mp\_int, \hyperpage{6}
\item mp\_invmod, \hyperpage{40}
\item mp\_jacobi, \hyperpage{40}
\item mp\_lcm, \hyperpage{39}
\item mp\_lshd, \hyperpage{23}
\item MP\_LT, \hyperpage{17}
\item MP\_MEM, \hyperpage{5}
\item mp\_mul, \hyperpage{25}
\item mp\_mul\_2, \hyperpage{21}
\item mp\_mul\_2d, \hyperpage{22}
\item mp\_n\_root, \hyperpage{31}
\item mp\_neg, \hyperpage{24}
\item MP\_NO, \hyperpage{5}
\item MP\_OKAY, \hyperpage{5}
\item mp\_or, \hyperpage{23}
\item mp\_prime\_fermat, \hyperpage{33}
\item mp\_prime\_is\_divisible, \hyperpage{33}
\item mp\_prime\_is\_prime, \hyperpage{34}
\item mp\_prime\_miller\_rabin, \hyperpage{33}
\item mp\_prime\_next\_prime, \hyperpage{34}
\item mp\_prime\_rabin\_miller\_trials, \hyperpage{34}
\item mp\_prime\_random, \hyperpage{35}
\item mp\_radix\_size, \hyperpage{37}
\item mp\_read\_radix, \hyperpage{37}
\item mp\_rshd, \hyperpage{23}
\item mp\_set, \hyperpage{15}
\item mp\_set\_int, \hyperpage{16}
\item mp\_shrink, \hyperpage{11}
\item mp\_sqr, \hyperpage{25}
\item mp\_sub, \hyperpage{23}
\item mp\_toradix, \hyperpage{37}
\item MP\_VAL, \hyperpage{5}
\item mp\_xor, \hyperpage{23}
\item MP\_YES, \hyperpage{5}
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