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#include <tommath.h>
/* LibTomMath, multiple-precision integer library -- Tom St Denis
* LibTomMath is a library that provides multiple-precision
* integer arithmetic as well as number theoretic functionality.
* The library was designed directly after the MPI library by
* Michael Fromberger but has been written from scratch with
* additional optimizations in place.
* The library is free for all purposes without any express
* guarantee it works.
* Tom St Denis,,
/* store in unsigned [big endian] format */
int mp_to_unsigned_bin_n (mp_int * a, unsigned char *b, unsigned long *outlen)
if (*outlen < (unsigned long)mp_unsigned_bin_size(a)) {
return MP_VAL;
*outlen = mp_unsigned_bin_size(a);
return mp_to_unsigned_bin(a, b);
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