@sjaeckel sjaeckel released this Feb 5, 2016 · 148 commits to develop since this release

Version 1.0

   -- Dirkjan Bussink provided a faster version of mp_expt_d()
   -- Moritz Lenz contributed a fix to mp_mod()
      and provided mp_get_long() and mp_set_long()
   -- Fixed bugs in mp_read_radix(), mp_radix_size
      Thanks to shameister, Gerhard R,
   -- Christopher Brown provided mp_export() and mp_import()
   -- Improvements in the code of mp_init_copy()
      Thanks to ramkumarkoppu,
   -- lomereiter provided mp_balance_mul()
   -- Alexander Boström from the heimdal project contributed patches to
      mp_prime_next_prime() and mp_invmod() and added a mp_isneg() macro
   -- Fix build issues for Linux x32 ABI
   -- Added mp_get_long_long() and mp_set_long_long()
   -- Carlin provided a patch to use arc4random() instead of rand()
      on platforms where it is supported
   -- Karel Miko provided mp_sqrtmod_prime()