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tslib THANKS file
tslib has originally been written by Russel King. This is simply a list of
all authors found by git, using following command. Please help me keep the
.mailmap file correct and this list up to date.
git log --format='%aN <%aE>' | sort -u
Adriaan de Groot <>
Åke Forslund <>
Baruch Siach <>
Christopher Larson <>
Dirk Gerdes <>
Doug Brown <>
Douglas Lowder <>
Evan Harvey <>
Florian Boor <>
Forest Bond <>
Frederik 'playya' Sdun <>
Jean-Baptiste Théou <>
Jess <>
Joel Winarske <>
Josh Watts <>
Khem Raj <>
Leif Middelschulte <>
Marko Lindqvist <>
Martin Jansa <>
Martin Kepplinger <>
Michael Heimpold <>
Michael Hennerich <>
Mike Bergmann <>
Mike Frysinger <>
Nicolas Pitre <>
Oleksandr Tymoshenko <>
Oskari Rauta <>
Paulius Zaleckas <>
Peter Fink <>
Peter Vicman <>
Phil Eichinger <>
Piotr Figlarek <>
Rob Greger <>
Rolf Eike Beer <>
Russell King <>
Sergei Poselenov <>
Simon Busch <>
Teresa Gamez <>
Thomas Zimmermann <>
Tuomo Rinne <>
Wolfram Sang <>
xoduddk123 <>
Not everything had been done the clean git way, so there are more people
who helped writing tslib. At least we know of the following:
Melchior Franz <>
Kári Davíðsson
Nelson Castillo
Neil Whelchel <>
There are also a number of people reporting bugs, test and help improving
tslib not just by writing code. This list is not complete:
Manfred Schlaegl <>
Philipp Eichinger <>
Clay D. Montgomery
David Woodhouse <>
Alex Vazquez <>
Roosen Henri <>
Andreas Hartmetz <>
Michael Zimmermann <>
Clayton Craft <>
Kevin Liu <>
Rolf Eike Beer <>
Ravi Chandarana <>
Bin Wang <>
Thanks for your contribution to tslib!