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@cjihrig cjihrig tagged this Mar 16, 2019 · 20 commits to v1.x since this tag

Changes since version 1.26.0:

* doc: describe unix signal handling better (Vladimír Čunát)

* linux: use statx() to obtain file birth time (Ben Noordhuis)

* src: fill sockaddr_in6.sin6_len when it's defined (Santiago Gimeno)

* test: relax uv_hrtime() test assumptions (Ben Noordhuis)

* build: make cmake install LICENSE only once (Thomas Karl Pietrowski)

* bsd: plug uv_fs_event_start() error path fd leak (Ben Noordhuis)

* unix: fix __FreeBSD_kernel__ typo (cjihrig)

* doc: add note about uv_run() not being reentrant (Ben Noordhuis)

* unix, win: make fs-poll close wait for resource cleanup (Anna Henningsen)

* doc: fix typo in uv_thread_options_t definition (Ryan Liptak)

* win: skip winsock initialization in safe mode (evgley)

* unix: refactor getsockname/getpeername methods (Santiago Gimeno)

* win,udp: allow to use uv_udp_open on bound sockets (Santiago Gimeno)

* udp: add support for UDP connected sockets (Santiago Gimeno)

* build: fix uv_test shared uv Windows cmake build (ptlomholt)

* build: add android-configure scripts to EXTRA_DIST (Ben Noordhuis)

* build: add missing header (cjihrig)

* sunos: add perror() output prior to abort() (Andrew Paprocki)

* test,sunos: disable UV_DISCONNECT handling (Andrew Paprocki)

* sunos: disable __attribute__((unused)) (Andrew Paprocki)

* test,sunos: use unistd.h code branch (Andrew Paprocki)

* build,sunos: better handling of non-GCC compiler (Andrew Paprocki)

* test,sunos: fix statement not reached warnings (Andrew Paprocki)

* sunos: fix argument/prototype mismatch in atomics (Andrew Paprocki)

* test,sunos: test-ipc.c lacks newline at EOF (Andrew Paprocki)

* test: change spawn_stdin_stdout return to void (Andrew Paprocki)

* test: remove call to floor() in test driver (Andrew Paprocki)
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