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@cjihrig cjihrig tagged this Aug 9, 2019 · 81 commits to v1.x since this tag

Changes since version 1.30.1:

* win,fs: don't modify global file translation mode (Javier Blazquez)

* win: fix uv_os_tmpdir when env var is 260 chars (Mustafa M)

* win: prevent tty event explosion machine hang (Javier Blazquez)

* win: add UV_FS_O_FILEMAP (João Reis)

* win, fs: mkdir return UV_EINVAL for invalid names (Bartosz Sosnowski)

* github: add root warning to template (cjihrig)

* win: misc fs cleanup (cjihrig)

* unix,win: add uv_fs_statfs() (cjihrig)

* test: avoid AF_LOCAL (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón)

* unix,win: add ability to retrieve all env variables (Saúl Ibarra Corretgé)

* Revert "darwin: speed up uv_set_process_title()" (Ben Noordhuis)

* doc: add %p to valgrind log-file arg (Zach Bjornson)

* doc: fix typo in basics.rst (Nan Xiao)

* ibmi: support Makefile build for IBM i (Xu Meng)

* OpenBSD: only get active CPU core count (Ben Davies)

* test: fix gcc 8 warnings for tests (Nhan Khong)

* ibmi: use correct header files (Xu Meng)

* unix: clear UV_HANDLE_READING flag before callback (zyxwvu Shi)

* unix: fix unused-function warning on BSD (Nhan Khong)

* test: fix test runner on MinGW (Crunkle)

* win: remove try-except outside MSVC (Crunkle)

* win: fix uv_spawn() ENOMEM on empty env (Ben Noordhuis)
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