Projects that use libuv

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Apps / VM

  • avatar.js: Node APIs for Java
  • cjdns: Encrypted self-configuring network/VPN routing engine
  • clearskies_core: Clearskies file synchronization program. (C++11)
  • DPS-For-IoT: Fully distributed publish/subscribe protocol.
  • H2O: An optimized HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2
  • Haywire: Asynchronous HTTP server
  • HashLink: Haxe run-time with libuv support included.
  • Igropyr: a async Scheme http server base on libuv.
  • Julia: runtime
  • Kestrel: web server (C# + libuv + ASP.NET Core)
  • Knot DNS Resolver: A minimalistic DNS caching resolver
  • Lever: runtime, libuv at the 0.9.0 release
  • libAttachSQL: A lightweight C connector for MySQL servers
  • libnode: C++ implementation of Node.js
  • libstorj: Library for interacting with Storj network
  • libuv_message_framing Message-based communication for libuv
  • luaw: Lua web server backed by libuv
  • Luvit: Node.JS for the Lua Inventor
  • mo: Scheme (guile) + libuv runtime
  • MoarVM: a VM for Rakudo Perl 6
  • Mysocks: a cross-platform Shadowsocks client
  • mediasoup: Powerful WebRTC SFU for Node.js
  • Neovim: A major refactor of Vim.
  • Node.js-compatible interface for JavaScriptCore/iOS
  • node.js: Javascript (using Google's V8) + libuv
  • node.native: node.js-like API for C++11
  • nodeuv: An organization with several c++ wrappers for libs which are used in node.js.
  • phastlight: Command line tool and web server written in PHP 5.3+ inspired by Node.js
  • pixie: clojure-inspired lisp with a tracing JIT
  • potion/p2: runtime
  • racer: Ruby web server written as an C extension
  • spider-gazelle: Ruby web server using libuv bindings
  • Suave: A simple web development F# library providing a lightweight web server and a set of combinators to manipulate route flow and task composition
  • Trevi: A powerful Swift Web Application Server Framework Project
  • Urbit: runtime
  • uv_callback libuv thread communication
  • uvloop: Ultra fast implementation of python's asyncio event loop on top of libuv
  • Wren: For io, process, scheduler and timer modules


  • libtuv: libuv fork for IoT and embedded systems


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