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Authors of VIPS
See also the files THANKS and ChangeLog
Kirk Martinez and Nicos Dessipris started VIPS in 1990.
John Cupitt started ip in late 1990, and took over maintenance of the VIPS
library in 1995.
Ruven Pillay, Steve Perry, Lars Raffelt, David Saunders, Jean-Philippe
Laurant, Ahmed Abood, Helene Chahine, Joe Padfield, Andrey Kiselev, Lev
Serebryakov, Simon Goodall, Konrad Lang, Markus Wollgarten, Jesper Friis,
Tom Vajzovic, Chris Leick and others contributed patches for the library
and ip.
Hans Breuer contributed many win32 compatibility fixes and a win32 build
system. Dennis Lubert cleaned up the C++ API.
Jose Manuel Menendez Garcia, Javier Alejandre Arenas, and Juan Torres Arjona
contributed the tmake VIPS.DLL build system and the MSVC project files.
Nicolas Robidoux contributed optimized bilinear and bicubic code to
the VipsInterpolate class and, with Chantal Racette and Adam Turcotte,
contributed the novel LBB, Nohalo and VSQBS interpolators.
Lovell Fuller and Kleis Auke Wolthuizen made many contributions and fixes.
Many other active contributors, see