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- try
$ vips gaussmat x.mat 0.1 0.1
(vips:28376): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "-1" of type 'gint' is invalid or out of range for property 'width' of type 'gint'
(vips:28376): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "-1" of type 'gint' is invalid or out of range for property 'height' of type 'gint'
$ more x.mat
1 1 0 0
check numeric range of SIGMA args, we should standardize
- rewind should break more things ... does it remove upsteam/downstream? does it
just need to remove reorder links?
perhaps reorder should use upstream/downstream, then it will be broken anyway
- not sure about utf8 error messages on win
- strange:
$ vips similarity --scale 0.33 k2.jpg x.v
$ vipsheader k2.jpg
k2.jpg: 1450x2048 uchar, 3 bands, srgb, jpegload
$ vipsheader x.v
x.v: 478x676 uchar, 3 bands, srgb, jpegload
1450 * 0.33 = 478.5 ... this was rounded down
2048 * 0.33 = 675.84 ... this was rounded up
- add APPROX convsep test?
- add more webp tests to py suite
- try moving some more of the CLI tests to py
- colour needs to split _build() into preprocess / process / postprocess
in icc_import, for example, we want to check that the supplied profile is
compatible with the input image as it will be when unpacked and ready for
see vips_image_expected_bands() in icc_transform.c for the current hacky
- use the incremental webp decoding api to support seq for webp images
doesn't seem to be possible
- does ruby need to unpack RefString as well? what about C++?
- are the mosaic functions calling vips_fastcor()? it must be very slow
add vips_fastcor_direct()
nope .. it's im_chkpair.c:im_correl()
then im__chkpair() runs that 20 times, then loops ... oh dear
- perhaps im_maxpos_subpel() / im_minpos_subpel() should be undeprecated,
useful with vips_fastcor()
- why can't we do
im = Vips.Image.new_from_file("/data/john/pics/k2.jpg", access = "sequential")
no idea ... this works fine:
im.embed(10, 10, 100, 100, extend = "copy")
op ="embed")
op.props.__setattr__("extend", "copy")
op ="jpegload")
op.props.__setattr__("access", "sequential")
first setattr works fine, second fails with invalid literal
- test other cpp arg types
input int works
input double
input enum works
input image works
input doublevec
input imagevec
input blob
output int
output double works
output enum
output image works
output doublevec
output imagevec
output blob
we probably need to unpack the ink back to double before blending
- ink to vec etc must have a way to give a complex constant
eg. drawink needs a --ink_imag option with the imaginary components of the
look for uses of vips__vector_to_ink() and add extra params to other places
too, eg. vips_embed(), vips_insert() etc.
- vips__ink_to_vector() needs an optional imag return
- vips_getpoint() needs an optional imag return
- add porter-duff compositing, see
- now vips_linear() has uchar output, can we do something with orc?
- do restrict on some more packages, we've just done arithmetic so far
also resample, colour, some of conversion, create,
- maybe avg?
but avg doesn't subclass arithmetic, so we can't
- for interpolate, we'd need to be able to unroll the vector, so the
interpolator would need to be built for the bands / stride / type of the
need new API For this since interpolators currently work for any image
- vips_gaussblur() should switch to float prec if given a float image?
same for vips_conv()?
maybe precision is a dumb thing
- support --strip for other writers
- vipsthumbnail could shrink-on-load openslide and pyr tiff as well?
we have "shrink" for jpegload, move this into the base loader
support it for tiff and openslide as well
use it from nip2 for zooming? only if the partial flag is set though, we
don't want to use it on jpg files
- quadratic doesn't work for order 3
start to get jaggies on lines --- the 3rd differential isn't being
initialised correctly for the sub-region?
seems fine vertically, only get errors on horizontal tile boundaries
because we step across tiles left to right: y doesn't change, only x does
not sure it works for order 2 either, we are seeing interpolation errors
on image edges
- balance should use new meta stuff
- histogram balance option?
- check mosaic1, global_balance, similarity etc. use of im__affine
how can we move them to im_affinei ?
- perspective transform with a matrix ... base it on the Lenz transformer, but
- magick2vips should spot ICC profiles and attach them as meta
- interlaced jpg needs massive memory, we should have two jpg read modes, like
- add more sequential mode readers
$ grep -l write_line *.c
- foreign docs come up as "VipsForeignSave", annoying, why?
- add nifti support
- add matlab write
- im_exr2vips can now use c++ api
see TODO notes in openexr read (though they all need more openexr C API)
consider openexr write
- magick should set some header field for n_frames and frame_height? see also
- im_csv2vips() could use "-" for filename to mean stdin
but then we'd have to read to a malloced buffer of some sort rather than an
image, since we might need to grow it during the read, since we couldn't
then seek
- test _O_TEMPORARY thing on Windows
- revisit orc conv
use an 8.8 accumulator ... build the scale into the 8.8 coeffs ... no div at
the end, just a shift
need 8 x 8.8 -> 8.8 for each coeff though
- im_conv()/im_morph() could have more than 10 programs? try 20 and see if we
still have a speedup
make a base class for vector area operations with a matrix with three vfuncs
for init / generate code for one element / end and a gslist of programs, use
that as the base for morph and conv
wait for vipsobject for this
- we have aconv and aconvsep
test timing, make sure it;s worth having a separate aconvsep version
if it is, make im_aconvsep an optimisation: call im_aconvsep_raw() from
vips_conv() if mask width or height == 1 and prec == APPROX
now we can get rid of im_aconvsep() since it's just vips_convsep() with prec
set to approx
aconv needs some more work, get it going at least with gaussian
- HAVE_HYPOT could define a hypot() macro?
- fix a better NaN policy
should we not generate images containing NaN (eg. divide tries to avoid /0),
or should vips_max() etc. try to avoid NaN in images (eg. vips_max() takes a
lot a care to skip NaN, though vips_stats() does not)?
- need vips_image_invalidate_area()
- look at libpeas for plugin support
- how about
vips max add[babe.jpg,babe2.jpg]
does that make any sense?
vips copy add[babe.jpg,add[babe2.jpg,babe3.jpg]] sum.v
perhaps use curly brackets for code?
vips max add{babe.jpg,babe2.jpg}
no brackets or square brackets for options
- transform_g_string_array_image() can't handle quoted strings, so filenames
with spaces will break
is there an easy fix? can we reuse code from the csv parser?
the csv parser just parses FILE* streams, we'd need to break it out
- note member free stuff in vipsobject docs
should boxed get freed in finalise rather than dispose?
vipsobject has few docs atm :(
- vips_object_set_argument_from_string() needs more arg types
must be some way to make this more automatic
- generate the code for vips_add() etc. automatically? it might be
nice to have them all in one place at least
- what does G_UNLIKELY() do? can we use it?
- look into G_GNUC_DEPRECATED for back compat in vips8
- should im_rwcheck() copy to disc?
maybe im_rwcheck_disc() copies to im->filename and maps that
rather awkward to do atm with the way check.c is structured
- swig is not wrapping im_project() correctly ... returns an extra VImage via
a param
- doc strings would be nice, read the SWIG notes on this
new bindings
- new binding is still missing constants
how do boxed types work? confusing
we need to be able to make a VipsArrayDouble
- Vips.Image has members like chain, __subclasshook__ etc etc, are we
really subclassing it correctly?
- add __add__ etc overloads
- fft with odd width or height is broken ... DC ends up in the wrong place
- need new C++ API
- need an im_init_world() for C++ which does cmd-line args too, so C++ progs
can get --vips-progress and stuff automatically
- need a way to make the vips.1 etc. man pages
gtk has things like docs/reference/gtk/gtk-update-icon-cache.xml and man
pages are made from that with xslt
- get rid of a lot of the command-line programs, who wants to write a man page
for batch_image_convert etc yuk
- can we make man pages for the API as well? probably not from googling a bit
- rename header, edvips as vipsheader, vipsedit
maybe have back compat links?
new operations
- bilateral filtering, see:
also a mail from Martin Breidt has links to several fast free C
- non-linear sharpen: replace each pixel by the lightest or darkest neighbour
depending on which is closer in value
- look at
There is an order 1 algorithm for doing medians over boxes (truly O(1)
per pixel: I checked it carefully; it's like doing means over boxes in
order 1 per pixel) in OpenCV since February 2012 I think, due to
Perreault (and Hebert).
It appears to be well respected, at least for 8-bit medians. Very
memory intensive. Simple and elegant. No clue if it fits VIPS well
(probably not?).
- see
sounds useful for BM?