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test-suite add animated webp tests Nov 27, 2018
Makefile.am make test-suite survive make dist Jul 25, 2018
README.md vmoe the test suite back into libvips Jul 6, 2018
test_cli.sh bump wrapper script version Dec 17, 2017
test_formats.sh Add palette flag to trigger pngsave quantisation Jun 19, 2018
test_seq.sh argh reapply seq removal Mar 6, 2017
test_threading.sh Fix test_{threading,thumbnail}.sh without install May 8, 2016
variables.sh.in fix "make check" Jul 6, 2018


libvips test suite

This is in two parts: a few simple bash scripts in this directory are run on "make check", and a fancier Python test suite that's run by Travis on each commit.