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C# Libvirt API bindings


The C# libvirt bindings are a class library. They use a Microsoft Visual Studio project architecture, and have been tested with Windows .NET, and Mono, on both Linux and Windows.

Compiling them produces LibvirtBindings.dll, which can be added as a .NET reference to any .NET project needing access to libvirt.


These bindings depend upon the libvirt libraries being installed.

In the .NET case, this is libvirt-0.dll, produced from compiling libvirt for windows.


The libvirt C# bindings class library exposes the Libvirt namespace. This namespace exposes all of the needed types (enum, struct), plus many classes exposing the libvirt API methods.

These classes are grouped into functional areas, with each class exposing libvirt methods related to that area.

For example, the libvirt methods related to connections, such as virConnectOpenAuth and virConnectNumOfDomains, are in the Connect class.
They are accessed as Connect.OpenAuth, and Connect.NumOfDomains respectively.

In the same manner, the other class name mappings are:

Name of libvirt function C# class name
virDomain... Domain
virEvent... Event
virInterface... Interface
virNetwork... Network
virNode... Node
virSecret... Secret
virStoragePool... StoragePool
virStorageVolume... StorageVolume
virStream... Stream

There are some additions as well:

  • There is a class named Library, exposing the virGetVersion and virInitialize methods
  • There is a class named Errors, exposing the error related methods. For example, virSetErrorFunc and virConnResetLastError.


The C# bindings are the work of Arnaud Champion <arnaud.champion AT>, based upon the previous work of Jaromír Červenka.

Test Configuration

Testing is performed using the following configurations:

  • Windows 7 (64 bits) / .Net 4
  • Windows 7 (64 bits) / Mono 2.6.7 (compiled in 32 bits)
  • Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 / Mono 2.6.7 (compiled in 64 bits)

Type Coverage

Coverage of the libvirt types is:

Type Name Binding Tested Example project Works .Net/Win Mono (32-bit)/Win Mono (64-bit)/Linux
enum virCPUCompareResult No            
struct virConnect IntPtr Yes   Yes      
struct virConnectAuth Yes Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
struct virConnectCredential Yes Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virConnectCredentialType Yes Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virConnectFlags No            
struct virDomain IntPtr            
struct virDomainBlockInfo No            
struct virDomainBlockStatsInfo Yes Yes virDomainStats Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainCoreDumpFlags No            
enum virDomainCreateFlags No            
enum virDomainDeviceModifyFlags No            
enum virDomainEventDefinedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
struct virDomainEventGraphicsAddress No            
enum virDomainEventGraphicsAddressType No            
enum virDomainEventGraphicsPhase No            
struct virDomainEventGraphicsSubject No            
struct virDomainEventGraphicsSubjectIdentity No            
enum virDomainEventID No            
enum virDomainEventIOErrorAction No            
enum virDomainEventResumedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventStartedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventStoppedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventSuspendedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventUndefinedDetailType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
enum virDomainEventWatchdogAction No            
struct virDomainInfo Yes Yes virConnectSetErrorFunc, virDomainStats Yes Yes Yes Yes
struct virDomainInterfaceStatsStruct Yes Yes virDomainStats Yes Yes Yes Yes
struct virDomainJobInfo No            
enum virDomainJobType No            
enum virDomainMemoryFlags No            
struct virDomainMemoryStatStruct No            
enum virDomainMemoryStatTags Yes No   Maybe      
enum virDomainMigrateFlags No            
struct virDomainSnapshot No            
enum virDomainSnapshotDeleteFlags              
enum virDomainState Yes Yes   Yes      
enum virDomainXMLFlags Yes Yes   Yes      
enum virEventHandleType Yes Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
struct virInterface IntPtr            
enum virInterfaceXMLFlags No            
struct virNWFilter No            
struct virNetwork IntPtr            
struct virNodeDevice IntPtr            
struct virNodeInfo Yes No   Maybe      
struct virSchedParameter No            
enum virSchedParameterType No            
struct virSecret No            
enum virSecretUsageType No            
struct virSecurityLabel No            
struct virSecurityModel No            
enum virStoragePoolBuildFlags Yes No   Maybe      
enum virStoragePoolDeleteFlags Yes No   Maybe      
struct virStoragePoolInfo Yes Yes   Yes      
struct virStoragePool IntPtr            
enum virStoragePoolState Yes Yes   Yes      
struct virStorageVol IntPtr            
enum virStorageVolDeleteFlags No            
struct virStorageVolInfo Yes Yes   Yes      
enum virStorageVolType Yes Yes   Yes      
struct virStream No            
enum virStreamEventType No            
enum virStreamFlags No            
struct virVcpuInfo No            
enum virVcpuState No            
struct virError Yes Yes virConnectSetErrorFunc, virDomainStats Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: IntPtr in the above table means that the struct is not public so it's exposed as an IntPtr type.

Function Coverage

Coverage of the libvirt functions is:

Name Binding Type Tested Example project Working .Net/Win Mono32/Win Mono64/Linux
virConnectAuthCallback Yes delegate Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectBaselineCPU No function            
virConnectClose Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectCompareCPU No function            
virConnectDomainEventCallback Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virConnectDomainEventDeregister No function            
virConnectDomainEventDeregisterAny No function            
virConnectDomainEventGenericCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainEventGraphicsCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainEventIOErrorCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainEventIOErrorReasonCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainEventRTCChangeCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainEventRegister Yes function Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectDomainEventRegisterAny No function            
virConnectDomainEventWatchdogCallback No delegate            
virConnectDomainXMLFromNative No function            
virConnectDomainXMLToNative No function            
virConnectFindStoragePoolSources No function            
virConnectGetCapabilities Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectGetHostname Yes function Yes          
virConnectGetLibVersion Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectGetMaxVcpus Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectGetType Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectGetURI Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectGetVersion Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectIsEncrypted Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectIsSecure Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectListDefinedDomains Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectListDefinedInterfaces Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectListDefinedNetworks Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectListDefinedStoragePools Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectListDomains Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectListInterfaces Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectListNWFilters No function            
virConnectListNetworks Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectListSecrets Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectListStoragePools Yes function Yes virConnectOpen Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectNumOfDefinedDomains Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectNumOfDefinedInterfaces Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectNumOfDefinedNetworks Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectNumOfDefinedStoragePools Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectNumOfDomains Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectNumOfInterfaces Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectNumOfNWFilters No function            
virConnectNumOfNetworks Yes function Yes   Yes      
virConnectNumOfSecrets Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectNumOfStoragePools Yes function Yes virConnectOpen Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectOpen Yes function Yes virEventRegisterImpl, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectOpenAuth Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnectOpenReadOnly Yes function No   Maybe      
virConnectRef Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainAbortJob No function            
virDomainAttachDevice Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainAttachDeviceFlags Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainBlockPeek No function            
virDomainBlockStats Yes function Yes virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainCoreDump Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainCreate Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainCreateLinux No function            
virDomainCreateWithFlags No function            
virDomainCreateXML Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainDefineXML Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainDestroy Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainDetachDevice Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainDetachDeviceFlags Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainFree Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainGetAutostart Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetBlockInfo No function            
virDomainGetConnect Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetID Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetInfo Yes function Yes virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainGetJobInfo No function            
virDomainGetMaxMemory Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetMaxVcpus Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetName Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainGetOSType Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetSchedulerParameters No function            
virDomainGetSchedulerType No function            
virDomainGetSecurityLabel No function            
virDomainGetUUID Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetUUIDString Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainGetVcpus No function            
virDomainGetXMLDesc Yes function Yes virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainHasCurrentSnapshot No function            
virDomainHasManagedSaveImage No function            
virDomainInterfaceStats No function Yes virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainIsActive Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainIsPersistent Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainLookupByID Yes function Yes virConnectOpenAuth, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainLookupByName Yes function Yes virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes
virDomainLookupByUUID Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainLookupByUUIDString Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainManagedSave No function            
virDomainManagedSaveRemove No function            
virDomainMemoryPeek No function            
virDomainMemoryStats No function            
virDomainMigrate No function            
virDomainMigrateSetMaxDowntime No function            
virDomainMigrateToURI No function            
virDomainPinVcpu No function            
virDomainReboot Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainRef Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainRestore Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainResume Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainRevertToSnapshot No function            
virDomainSave Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainSetAutostart Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainSetMaxMemory Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainSetMemory Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainSetSchedulerParameters No function            
virDomainSetVcpus Yes function No   Maybe      
virDomainShutdown Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainSnapshotCreateXML No function            
virDomainSnapshotCurrent No function            
virDomainSnapshotDelete No function            
virDomainSnapshotFree No function            
virDomainSnapshotGetXMLDesc No function            
virDomainSnapshotListNames No function            
virDomainSnapshotLookupByName No function            
virDomainSnapshotNum No function            
virDomainSuspend Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainUndefine Yes function Yes   Yes      
virDomainUpdateDeviceFlags No function            
virEventAddHandleFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virEventAddTimeoutFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virEventHandleCallback Yes delegate Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
virEventRegisterImpl Yes function Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
virEventRemoveHandleFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virEventRemoveTimeoutFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virEventTimeoutCallback Yes delegate Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
virEventUpdateHandleFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virEventUpdateTimeoutFunc Yes delegate Yes   Yes      
virFreeCallback Yes function Yes virEventRegisterImpl Yes Yes Yes Yes
virGetVersion Yes function Yes   Yes      
virInitialize Yes function Yes   Yes      
virInterfaceCreate No function            
virInterfaceDefineXML No function            
virInterfaceDestroy No function            
virInterfaceFree No function            
virInterfaceGetConnect No function            
virInterfaceGetMACString No function            
virInterfaceGetName No function            
virInterfaceGetXMLDesc No function            
virInterfaceIsActive No function            
virInterfaceLookupByMACString No function            
virInterfaceLookupByName No function            
virInterfaceRef No function            
virInterfaceUndefine No function            
virNWFilterDefineXML No function            
virNWFilterFree No function            
virNWFilterGetName No function            
virNWFilterGetUUID No function            
virNWFilterGetUUIDString No function            
virNWFilterGetXMLDesc No function            
virNWFilterLookupByName No function            
virNWFilterLookupByUUID No function            
virNWFilterLookupByUUIDString No function            
virNWFilterRef No function            
virNWFilterUndefine No function            
virNetworkCreate Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkCreateXML Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkDefineXML Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkDestroy Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkFree Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkGetAutostart Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkGetBridgeName Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkGetConnect Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkGetName Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkGetUUID No function            
virNetworkGetUUIDString Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkGetXMLDesc Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkIsActive Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkIsPersistent Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkLookupByName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkLookupByUUID Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkLookupByUUIDString Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkRef Yes function No   Maybe      
virNetworkSetAutostart Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNetworkUndefine Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNodeDeviceCreateXML No function            
virNodeDeviceDestroy No function            
virNodeDeviceDettach No function            
virNodeDeviceFree No function            
virNodeDeviceGetName No function            
virNodeDeviceGetParent No function            
virNodeDeviceGetXMLDesc Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNodeDeviceListCaps No function            
virNodeDeviceLookupByName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNodeDeviceNumOfCaps No function            
virNodeDeviceReAttach No function            
virNodeDeviceRef No function            
virNodeDeviceReset No function            
virNodeGetCellsFreeMemory No function            
virNodeGetFreeMemory Yes function No   Maybe      
virNodeGetInfo Yes function No   Maybe      
virNodeGetSecurityModel No function            
virNodeListDevices Yes function Yes   Yes      
virNodeNumOfDevices Yes function Yes   Yes      
virSecretDefineXML No function            
virSecretFree No function            
virSecretGetConnect No function            
virSecretGetUUID No function            
virSecretGetUUIDString No function            
virSecretGetUsageID No function            
virSecretGetUsageType No function            
virSecretGetValue No function            
virSecretGetXMLDesc No function            
virSecretLookupByUUID No function            
virSecretLookupByUUIDString No function            
virSecretLookupByUsage No function            
virSecretRef No function            
virSecretSetValue No function            
virSecretUndefine No function            
virStoragePoolBuild Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolCreate Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolCreateXML Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolDefineXML Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolDelete Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolDestroy Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolFree Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolGetAutostart Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolGetConnect Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolGetInfo Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolGetName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolGetUUID Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolGetUUIDString Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolGetXMLDesc Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolIsActive Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolIsPersistent Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolListVolumes Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolLookupByName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolLookupByUUID Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolLookupByUUIDString Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolLookupByVolume Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolNumOfVolumes Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolRef Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolRefresh Yes function No   Maybe      
virStoragePoolSetAutostart Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStoragePoolUndefine Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolCreateXML Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom Yes function No   Maybe      
virStorageVolDelete Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolFree Yes function No   Maybe      
virStorageVolGetConnect Yes function No   Maybe      
virStorageVolGetInfo Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolGetKey Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolGetName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolGetPath Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolGetXMLDesc Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolLookupByKey Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolLookupByName Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolLookupByPath Yes function Yes   Yes      
virStorageVolRef Yes function No   No      
virStorageVolWipe No function            
virStreamAbort No function            
virStreamEventAddCallback No function            
virStreamEventCallback No delegate            
virStreamEventRemoveCallback No function            
virStreamEventUpdateCallback No function            
virStreamFinish No function            
virStreamFree No function            
virStreamNew No function            
virStreamRecv No function            
virStreamRecvAll No function            
virStreamRef No function            
virStreamSend No function            
virStreamSendAll No function            
virStreamSinkFunc No delegate            
virStreamSourceFunc No delegate            
virGetLastError Yes function Yes virConnectSetErrorFunc Yes Yes Yes Yes
virConnSetErrorFunc Yes function Yes virConnectSetErrorFunc Yes Yes Yes Yes
virErrorFunc Yes delegate Yes virConnectSetErrorFunc, virDomainInfos Yes Yes Yes Yes


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