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berrange git: add config file telling git-publish how to send patches
The "git-publish" tool is a useful git extension for sending patch
series for code review. It automatically creates versioned tags
each time code on a branch is sent, so that there is a record of
each version. It also remembers the cover letter so it does not
need re-entering each time the series is reposted.

With this config file present it is now sufficient[1] to run

  $ git publish

to send all patches in a branch to the list for review, with the
correct subject prefix added for this non-core libvirt module.

[1] Assuming your $HOME/.gitconfig has an SMTP server listed
at least e.g.

        smtpserver = smtp.example.com

Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrangé <berrange@redhat.com>
Latest commit 902deb6 Apr 23, 2018


      This is the java binding to the libvirt library.

To use it, your program needs to access both the java library (.jar file),
and the JNA library (.jar file)

1. This version of the java mappings is designed to work with a 
a minimum libvirt version of @libvirt.required@

2. You must have the libvirt.jar file in your classpath.
By default the installs it to /usr/share/java/@version@.jar

3. See the INSTALL file for instructions on building locally.

4. You can run the unit tests with ant test.

5. There is a rudimentary functional test program that the libvirt-java-devel
installs put it into /usr/share/doc/libvirt-java-devel-@version@/test.java

    To run it, first copy the test.java file to writeable directory
    cp /usr/share/doc/libvirt-java-devel-@version@/test.java ~

    Compile the java file to a class:
    javac -classpath /usr/share/java/libvirt-@version@.jar test.java

    Then run the program:
    java -classpath .:/usr/share/java/jna.jar:/usr/share/java/libvirt-@version@.jar test

6. There is full javadoc for the API in /usr/share/javadoc/libvirt-java-@version@/

7. The full API can be found at http://www.libvirt.org/html/libvirt-libvirt.html