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Libvirt Jenkins CI

This repository contains jobs definitions for the libvirt Jenkins CI.

They're supposed to be fed to the Jenkins Job Builder tool, which can be installed either through your distribution's package manager, for example using:

# dnf install python3-jenkins-job-builder

on Fedora, or straight from pip using:

$ pip install --user jenkins-job-builder

The jobs/ directory contains general templates for defining jobs for the different build systems, such as GNU autotools, Python's distutils, Perl's ExtUtils::MakeMaker and so on.

The projects/ directory contains the per-project config which activates the desired jobs and configures them if needed.

It's possible to see the raw Jenkins configuration using either:

$ jenkins-jobs test -x .git -x guests -r .

to see al jobs, or:

$ jenkins-jobs test -x .git -x guests -r . libvirt-master-build

if you're interested in a single job.

In order to apply the updated configuration on the server, you're going to need a configuration file containing access information:

$ cat jenkins.ini

To update the Jenkins server with all jobs, run:

$ jenkins-jobs --conf jenkins.ini update -x .git -x guests -r .

The guests/ directory contains tools used to manage the CI guests rather than the Jenkins server; they are documented separately in guests/README.markdown.