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2002-08-04 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.21
Restore perl-5.004 and perl-5.005 compatibility.
2002-07-18 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.20
Direct support for some new schemes urn:, urn:isbn:,
urn:oid:, rtsp:, and rtspu:. The rtsp support was
contributed by Matt Selsky <>.
Documentation fix for $URI::ABS_REMOTE_LEADING_DOTS.
CPAN-RT-Bug #1224.
The host for URI::file was not unescaped.
Patch by Ville Skyttä <>.
2002-05-09 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.19
URI::Heuristic will guess better on strings
like "". It used to think that
the numbers before ":" was a scheme.
URI::WithBase will not keep the full history of
any base URI's base URI etc. This used to make
these objects grow into to monsters for some
web spiders.
URI::URL->new("foo", "bar")->base used to return
a "URI" object. Now an URI::URL object is returned
Deal properly with file:///-URIs.
2001-12-30 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.18
Added support for ssh: URIs.
Contributed by Jean-Philippe Bouchard <>
URI::Escape: Make sure cache is not set when the RE
wouldn't compile. Fix suggested by <>.
Applied patch as suggested by Randal L. Schwartz.
Don't try to come up with the e-mail address of the user as
the anonymous password.
Patch by Eduardo Pérez <>.
2001-09-14 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.17
Fixed unescape of %30 in $http_uri->canonical.
Fixed test failure for t/heuristic.t on cygwin.
Fixed warning noise from t/old-base.t on bleadperl.
Perl now warns for pack("c*", $i) when $i > 127.
2001-08-27 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.16
URI::Escape::uri_escape default has changed. Reserved
characters are now escaped when no second argument is
The perl5.004 backwards compatibility patching taking place
in the Makefile.PL should now work for MacPerl.
Patch by KIMURA Takeshi <>.
URI::WithBase now overrides the can() method and delegate it to
the URI member. This also affects the URI::URL behaviour.
Patch by Sean M. Burke <>.
2001-07-19 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.15
[This release was made just to document the changes that went
into the (unreleased) URI-1.13 but never made it into this
change-log. There is no functional difference between the 1.14
and 1.15 release.]
2001-07-18 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.14
The module failed on perl5.004 because \z is not supported
in regexps. The Makefile.PL will now try to patch the module
to be compatible.
2001-05-15 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.13 (never made it to CPAN) now conforms to RFC 2732 which specify how literal IPv6
addresses are to be included in URLs.
URI/Escape now allows "/" in the $unsafe pattern argument.
2001-04-23 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.12
URI->new($u, $scheme) does no longer fail if given a badly
formatted scheme string.
URI::WithBase's clone and base method was basically just
broken. This also affected the URI::URL subclass.
The clone() method did not copy the base, and updating
the base with the base method always set it to "1".
2001-02-27 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.11
The t/heuristic.t test relied on the fact that ''
was not registered in DNS. This is no longer true.
The penguins at Bouvet Island will hopefully be ignorant
of Perl forever.
2001-01-10 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.10
The $u->query_form method will now escape spaces in
form keys or values as '+' (instead of '%20'). This also
affect the $mailto_uri->header() method. This is actually
the wrong thing to do, but this practise is now even
documented in official places like
so we might as well follow the stream.
URI::Heuristic did not work for domain-names with dashes '-'
in them. Fixed.
Documented that $uri->xxx($1) might not work.
2000-08-16 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.09
uri_unescape() did not work when given multiple strings
to decode. Patch by Nicholas Clark <>.
2000-08-02 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.08
ldap URIs now support _scope() and _filter() methods that
don't have default values. Suggested by Graham Barr.
Incorporated old rejected MSWin32 patch to t/old-base.t.
Hope it works.
2000-06-13 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.07
URI::WithBase (and URI::URL) now support $u->new_abs
URI::WithBase->new("foo", "URI::URL") bug fixed.
2000-04-09 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.06
Clean test/install on VMS.
Patch by Charles Lane <lane@DUPHY4.Physics.Drexel.Edu>
2000-02-14 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.05
QNX file support by Norton Allen <>.
Support for rsync:-URI by Dave Beckett <>
1999-08-03 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.04
Avoid testing for defined(@ISA) and defined(%class::). Patch
by Nathan Torkington <>.
$uri->abs() did wrong when the fragment contained a "?"
Typo in URI::ldap spotted by Graham Barr.
1999-06-24 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.03
Escape all reserved query characters in the individual components
of $uri->query_form and $uri->query_keywords.
Make compatibility URI::URL->new("")->netloc
work again.
1999-03-26 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.02
Added URI::ldap. Contributed by Graham Barr <>.
Documentation update.
1999-03-20 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.01
MacOS patches from Paul J. Schinder <>
Documentation patch from Michael A. Chase <>
1998-11-19 Gisle Aas <>
Release 1.00
Added new URI->new_abs method
Replaced a few die calls with croak.
1998-10-12 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.90_02
Implemented new $uri->host_port method.
$uri->epath and $uri->equery aliases to make URI::URL
compatibility easier.
1998-09-23 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.90_01
Makefile.PL list MIME::Base64 as PREREQ_PM
Original $scheme argument not passed to _init() method.
Automatically add scheme to empty URIs where the scheme
is required: URI->new("", "data")
Documentation update.
New URI::URL::strict implementation.
1998-09-22 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.09_02
New internal URI::file::* interface. Implemented 8.3 mapping
for "dos".
More documentation.
1998-09-13 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.09_01
Use version number with underscore to avoid that the CPAN
indexer hides the URI::URL from libwww-perl that contains
all the documentation.
Started to document the new modules.
URI::file->new() escape fix which allow Mac file names like
::.. to be treated as they should (I think).
1998-09-12 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.09
Included URI::Escape and URI::Heuristic from LWP. URI::Escape
updated with new default set of characters to escape (according
to RFC 2396) and a faster uri_unescape() function. URI::Heuristic
with new funtion that returns an URI object.
First argument to URI->new is always treated as a string now.
URI->new("", URI::WithBase("foo:")) now works. It returns an
URI::WithBase object.
Included Roy T. Fielding's URI parsing/abs tests from
<>. We did in fact agree
with RFC 2396 on all tests.
Allow authority "A|" in Win32 file:-URIs to denote A:. Treat
escaped chars.
1998-09-10 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.08
Implemented transformations between various file: URIs and
actual file names. New URI::file methods:
1998-09-09 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.07
Implemented rlogin, telnet and file URLs.
Implemented URI::WithBase
Implemented URI::URL emulator (ported old URI::URL test suite)
Can now use schemes with "-", "+" or "." characters in them.
$u->scheme will downcase. $u->_scheme will keep it as it is.
Configuration variables for $u->abs
$u->query_form and $u->query_keyword is more careful about escaping
"+" and "=".
$u->host unescaped
$u->_port if you want to bypass $u->default_port
Can handle news message-ids with embedded "/" now
1998-09-08 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.06
Implemented gopher URLs
Implemented ftp URLs
Second ctor argument can be a plain scheme name. If it is an
object, then we use the class of the object as implementor.
Protect literal % in various places by escaping
Path segments with parameters is not arrays of class URI::_segment,
which overload stingify operator.
URI::http->canonical will now unescape unreserved characters.
1998-09-08 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.05
Implemented news URLs (together with snews/nntp)
Implemented pop URLs (RFC 2384)
Can now use '==' to compare if two URI objects are the same or not.
$u->opaque_part renamed as $u->opaque
Better canonicalization
Faster $u->abs (especially for URI that already are absolute)
$u->query_form will keep more chars unescaped
1998-09-06 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.04
Implemented mailto:-URLs (specified in RFC 2368)
Moved query() methods to internal URI::_query mixin class.
Escape stuff in the media_type field of data:-URLs.
1998-09-06 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.03 based on simplified scalar object.
1998-09-02 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.02 based on perl5.005 and
1998-04-10 Gisle Aas <>
Release 0.01
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