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xengine is network toolkit framework with c c++


  1. XEngine_MQService XEngine_MQService Public

    c c++ message queue api service. c c++ 消息队列服务

    C++ 3 1

  2. XEngine_Storage XEngine_Storage Public

    base on xengine http file storage service.http存储服务

    C++ 4 2

  3. XEngine_Authorize XEngine_Authorize Public

    c c++ network authorize service.c c++ 网络验证服务.c c++ 网络授权服务

    C++ 18 8

  4. XEngine_APIService XEngine_APIService Public

    c c++ 信息查询服务 c c++ information query service

    C++ 3

  5. XEngine_StreamMedia XEngine_StreamMedia Public

    xengine 流媒体服务器 c c++ streammedia server

    C++ 3 4

  6. xengine xengine Public

    xengine is network toolkit with c c++

    C 28 10


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