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libbde is a library to access the BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) format. BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) is a volume-based encryption method used by Microsoft Windows, as of Vista, to encrypt data on a storage media volume.

Project information:

  • Status: alpha
  • Licence: LGPLv3+

Supported BDE formats:

  • BitLocker Windows Vista
  • BitLocker Windows 7
  • BitLocker Windows 8 (Consumer Preview)
  • BitLocker To Go

Supported protection methods:

  • clear key
  • password
  • recovery password
  • start-up key
  • FKEV and/or TWEAK key data

Additional features:

  • support for partial encrypted volumes
  • zeros out the BDE metadata, matches behavior seen on Windows

Work in progress:

  • Dokan library support
  • Thread-safety in volume API functions
  • BitLocker Windows 10 AES-XTS support

For more information see:

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