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The Charity Public License

Charity is a public LICENSE for open software that brings the approach of MIT and BSD licenses into the twenty-first century. Parity makes your software free to use by almost anyone.

Charity is based on The Parity Public License, which shares many of the same terms. Charity is a "free for everybody" license. Parity is a "free for open source" license.


Charity improves on previous permissive licenses in several ways.

  1. Charity is written to be read, in plain language, with a simple "here's your permission, and here are the rules" structure. The whole license fits on 26 lines of 65 columns.

  2. Charity gives explicit patent permission, with a patent-termination clause, like Apache 2.0, but without its wordiness.

  3. Charity helps others find your source code and contribute back, by requiring that users keep a notice about where to find source, in addition to your copyright notice.


Charity is one member of a family of licenses published by Artless Devices LLC for