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The License Zero Noncommercial Public License
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License Zero Noncommercial Public License

L0-NC is noncommercial public software license that limits commercial users to a free-trial-like period. L0-NC brings the core of Creative Commons' Attribution-NonCommercial License to the software world.

See Also

License Zero is an online platform for sustaining open software work by vending paid licenses to proprietary users. Developers using L0-NC for a project can use License Zero to manage selling private licenses for them.

The License Zero Reciprocal Public License: a sister license of L0-NC that requires users to share their software back to the communite as open source.

The License Zero Permissive Public License: the modern, highly permissive open source license on which L0-R is based. L0-P is more in the vein of The MIT License or a BSD license.