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License Zero Private License

The form private license offered for sale via

For more information, see the private license section of the License Zero Developer's Guide.

How to Read

Unlike the Parity and Prosperity licenses, the private license is written in a slightly more legal style. However, it's still very important to read the private license's most important rules for yourself. Start with the "Sublicensing" section, which sets rules for when buyers of private license scan pass their permission down to end-users.

Overall, many readers find it helpful to compare the private license to common permissive licenses, like MIT or BSD:

  1. Like MIT or BSD, the private license gives broad permission to use and build on the software, without any commercial-use time limit or any requirement to release source code.

  2. Unlike MIT or BSD, the private license gives permission only to the one who bought the license.

  3. Unlike MIT or BSD, the private license gives permission rights down permission to, or sublicense, only under specific rules. Those rules appear in the Sublicensing section. In broad terms, they allow sublicensing only to end-users who aren't themselves making changes to or building software.