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Chess opening names

An aggregated data set of chess opening names.

field / dist/ description
eco x x ECO classification
name x x Opening name (English language)
pgn x x Well known sequence of moves, or the most common moves to reach the opening position based on master games, as PGN
uci x Same moves as pgn in UCI notation
epd x EPD (FEN without move numbers) of the opening position, en passant field only if legal

To generate dist/, install Python, then pip3 install chess and run make. Or select the latest workflow run and download build artifacts.


Improvements, additions and fixes are welcome. If you have concrete suggestions, please be bold and submit the proposed changes directly as pull requests!

The changes will be live on after the next update of scalachess and the opening explorer. There is no fixed schedule for these updates.

As a collection of facts, this data set is in the public domain. Considerable effort was spent curating and cleaning the data. Insofar as that qualifies for copyright, the work is released under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.