Querys the actual trade data and displays a message when exceeding up/down limits
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Ruby script for OSX which fetches the current trade data of Mt. Gox and Bitmarket.eu (EUR) and 
shows a growl notification if the trade data exceeds a specific up/down limit.

You can justify yourself which limits you want (f.e. notification when last trade was 15 % higher than the last one)

=== Requirements ===

Ruby (think it works with 1.8.7 as well as 1.9.2)
installed growlnotify

and following gems:

require 'rubygems'
require 'json'
require 'money'
require 'growl'

=== Limits ===

Default values are:

  up_mark = 1.007
  down_mark = 0.993
You can set them in the script yourself.

Feel free to send pull requests!