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Licq Auto Replyer Plugin
To get up and running quickly (assuming you are familiar with loading
plugins for Licq), simple run
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make install
And then move licq_autoreply.conf to ~/.licq/licq_autoreply.conf and edit this
file appropriately.
This program is an auto replyer. It is a plugin for the Licq
daemon and must run on it's own.
This program is distributed under the GPL, see the accompanying COPYING
file for more information.
Any events (messages, urls...) received while the plugin is enabled will
cause the plugin to reply with the output from any specified program
(fortune by default).
Loading and running the plugin is simply a matter of running Licq like so:
"licq -p autoreply -- -e -l <status>"
<ststus> is equivalent (and uses the same status strings as)
the fifo command "status" (see the FAQ under FIFO).
For example, to start Licq using the auto replyer and have it start in
enabled mode and logon, run:
licq -f -p autoreply -- -e -l online
The plugin uses a small configuration file (~/.licq/licq_autoreply.conf) which must
be set up by hand. A sample is included with the source, and includes help on
the various settings.
If there are any problems, report them to or
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