Update all users floods the server #9

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Licq - an instant messaging client for UNIX member

I have more than 300 contacts. Many of the have outdated information and show up as numbers on my contact list.

So I tried running the function "Update all users". As I can see from the debug output (I ran licq with "-d31"), the client floods the server with request and gets kicked out by the server:

16:21:37: [SRV] Requesting meta info for 280493186 (#28346/#187)...
16:21:37: [SRV] Requesting meta info for 280840221 (#28347/#188)...
16:21:37: server socket was closed!!!
16:21:37: [SRV] Dropping server connection.                                                         
16:21:37: [SRV] Requesting meta info for 281103502 (#28348/#189)...
16:21:37: [WRN] Error sending event (#28311): Broken pipe.
16:21:37: [WRN] Socket not connected or invalid (#28312).

Probably adding some delay between the requests sent to the server would solve the problem.

Originally reported 2008-09-30 as trac ticket #1646.

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