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Licq Forwarder Plugin


To get up and running quickly (assuming you are familiar with loading
plugins for Licq), simple run

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make install

And then move licq_forwarder.conf to ~/.licq/licq_forwarder.conf and edit this
file appropriately.


This program is an forwarder.  It is a plugin for the Licq
daemon and can run either on it's own on along with an interface plugin
(such as the Qt-gui or console plugins).
This program is distributed under the GPL, see the accompanying COPYING
file for more information.
Any events (messages, urls...) received while the plugin is enabled will
be forwarded either via standard SMTP to a given email account or via Licq
to a user.  The resulting message will appear as follows if sent via

Date: Sat Nov 13 14:07:08 1999
From: HackICQ <8562000@pager.mirabilis.com>
Reply-To: Foo Bar <hackers@uwaterloo.ca>
To: Apotheosis <graham@localhost.localdomain>
Subject: Message [This is a regular message sent from...]

This is a regular message sent from HackICQ
to Apotheosis.


The From field will contain the Alias of the user who sent the message,
along with their ICQ pager email address (any email sent to that address
will be forwarded to their icq account).  The Reply-To field contains
the full name and real email address of the sender.
The subject field will contain the type of event (message, url,
chat request...) and the first 20 characters of the message.


Loading and running the plugin is simply a matter of adding a "-p forwarder"
to your Licq command line arguments.  Remember that if any plugins are
loaded from the command line then all plugins must be specified.  In other
words if you are using the qt-gui plugin and also wish to start the forwarder
plugin, run:
licq [options] -p qt-gui -p forwarder -- [ qt-gui options ] -- [ forwarder options ]

The forwarder plugin starts in an inactive state, and must be turned on from
the plugin interface to start forwarding messages.  In this manner it can be
turned on and off without having to exit Licq.
Optionally, or if the only plugin desired is the forwarder, it can
be started enabled by using the "-e" parameter on the command line.  Remember
that all plugin options must come after a "--" on the command line.
The "-l <status>" option will tell the plugin to automatically log on in the
given status at startup.  This is equivalent (and uses the same status strings as)
the fifo command "status" (see the FAQ under FIFO).

For example, to start Licq using only the forwarder and have it start in
enabled mode and logon, run:
licq -f -p forwarder -- -e -l online

The "-f" option to Licq tells it to fork into the background, thus running Licq
in true daemon mode.  This is optional in any case.
Another useful option in this case is "-o <filename>" which will redirect the Licq
log messages to a file (or device, such as /dev/tty9).


The plugin uses a small configuration file (~/.licq/licq_forwarder.conf) which must
be set up by hand.  A sample is included with the source, and includes help on
the various settings.