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Found a bug? See info below on how to report it.

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Stream Editor is a web tool for interactively using and chaining command-line text manipulation utilities, such as sed, grep, and awk.

Text transformation tools provided by Unix operating systems are incredibly powerful for pattern extraction, formatting, and data manipulation, but a command line isn't always the best interface for using them when it comes to experimentation and debugging, especially if you want to chain several commands together with pipes and understand what each is doing.

Stream Editor provides a user-friendly web interface for tinkering with these text editing commands that dynamically updates output as you type. It enables you to chain multiple commands together and observe the output after each step, optionally seeing a diff of added/deleted text with green/red highlights.

Once you've finalized the operations you want to use, Stream Editor lets you export them as a series of command-line pipes with a single click, or share them with a unique URL.

Read more on my website.


Stream Editor default view (dark theme)

Stream Editor screenshot

Stream Editor light theme, showcasing its full Unicode support

Stream Editor screenshot

Stream Editor being used to analyze its own logs, showing the effects of multiple commands chained together

Stream Editor screenshot

Reporting bugs

Security bugs

Found a security bug related to this codebase or how Stream Editor is deployed at I highly encourage and kindly request that you report it by emailing:

security [at] streameditor [dot] io

Please privately email me instead of posting about it publicy on GitHub Issues or elsewhere, and please include your steps to reproduce.

The way Stream Editor is set up at is intended to prevent:

  • arbitrary command execution
  • writing files to the server
  • reading any sensitive data from the server
  • otherwise gaining access to the server
  • adversely affecting others' ability to use in a significant way

Valid security bugs are likely to include anything that allows you to do these things. Note that reading certain non-sensitive files from the server is possible and expected.

Other bugs

If your bug does not involve any security concerns, please report it on GitHub Issues.

Installation (local development)

System requirements / prerequisites

  • MacOS or Linux*
  • Python 3.7+ w/ pip 3+
  • Node.js 10+ w/ npm 6+

* The Unix text editing commands that Stream Editor supports are not all available on Windows, though you may be able to get everything to work in a Cygwin kind of environment. It just hasn't been tested.


  1. Clone the repo.
  2. (optional but recommended) Set up a Python 3 virtual environment for the project, and activate it.
  3. Install the server dependencies: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  4. Start the Flask development server: FLASK_ENV=development python3
  5. Change to the client directory: cd client
  6. Install the client dependencies: npm install
  7. Start the client-side development server: npm start

Notes for server deployment

Note: This isn't a comprehensive guide; this section is intended mainly for my personal reference.

JAIL_PATH=/root/jail gunicorn --name stream-editor server:app
  • and with nginx (command to run on the server to see its logs):
cd /var/log/nginx; tail -f access.log error.log
  • chroot jail is configured with Jailkit; this post was a useful reference
  • after Jailkit is installed (you have to build it from source), the script in scripts/ is supposed to do all the setup for the jail
  • the man pages generated in client/public/manpages/ are specific to the versions running on whatever machine you're using
  • generate new man pages with the script in scripts/ I did a lot of massaging of its output with regex find-and-replacing.


A web tool for interactively using and chaining command-line text manipulation utilities like sed, grep, and awk.







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