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package aviasales
import "fmt"
type InputPricesWeekMatrix struct {
Currency string
Origin string
Destination string
ShowToAffiliates bool
DepartDate string
ReturnDate string
// PricesWeekMatrix calendar of prices for a week.
// Returns prices nearest the target dates.
// Documentation:
// Example URI:
func (a *AviasalesApi) PricesWeekMatrix(input InputPricesWeekMatrix) (prices DataPrice, err error) {
err = a.getJson("v2/prices/week-matrix", map[string]string{
"currency": input.Currency,
"origin": input.Origin,
"destination": input.Destination,
"show_to_affiliates": fmt.Sprint(input.ShowToAffiliates),
"depart_date": input.DepartDate,
"return_date": input.ReturnDate,
"token": a.token,
}, &prices)
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